Senior Teams report, dated 3.12.2018

We took two very strong teams to Easton on Sunday 2nd December

Emma Freeman
Ben Westgate
Conner Sharpe
Jane Salmon

Lyn Bell
Corinne Bullock
Andi Getvoldson
Kerry Lake

Ten very competitive teams competed at a well organised day at Easton.
Both our teams did well, the Bombers coming third with a score of 8.

The Buccaneers coming fifth with a score of 14.

The winning team had a score of 5. So it was a hard fought competition which went to the wire.

All are riders did so well and were obviously committed to there team colleagues. I thank them for there commitment and hard work. Sometimes I think we forget the time and effort they put in prior to the qualifiers.

Having said that I would like to mention three riders,
Two of which are NEW members. Emma Freeman and Ben Westgate

Emma rode a lovely quite Elementary which resulted in her winning on a very good score of 69

Ben also rode a lovely Novice which resulted in him coming second with a great score of 70.95

Both Emma and Ben will be going to the Nationals and representing our club.
Well done guys.

I would also like to mention Lyn Bell. Who with out any hesitation stepped up her game and rode a lovely Elementary. Lyn came 4th with a great score of 65.46
Well done Lyn

I have a month or two off now, but I would like to thank all competitors who have competed at the winter novice ,intermediate dressage, and show Jumping at Wix. You have all been a pleasure to have on teams, and made it easy for me.

As the manager of the senior teams I really look forward to next year. We have great members and others joining us which include some great juniors at the start of next year.

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