Non Club Events / Notices of Interest

This page will contain events and notices that although not run or sponsored by the BBRC may be of interest to members and non members alike.


BRC now have an official facebook page. They will be posting all their up to date news and goings on within BRC.  You can also advertise your horses, trailers and businesses etc. Become their friend to see more.



Great Oak Equestrian are proud to announce another of their wonderful clinic/demo sessions this time with Portia Howard on 19th September.

Portia Howard one of the country’s top national and international young riders.

Clinic slots are just £25 for a 1/2 hour. Clinic stars at 12 noon and finishes at 6pm. Two riders can share an hour if preferred to give the horses a short rest. Demo tickets are available at £5 per person for the duration of the clinic.

Please call Great Oak Equestrian on 07785338812 to pre book your place.


Lynn is running regular monthly Dressage/ Rider Alignment clinics at a private yard in Knodishall, Saxmundham, IP17 1TJ.

Sessions are either private or shared between two people; £45 for 45 min private session or £35 each for 2 sharing an hours session, there is no arena hire charge. All levels of riders and types of horses and ponies welcome.

Rider Alignment

The sessions will be aimed at improving your seat, balance and alignment in all three paces. The contact to the horse’s mouth will also be assessed and corrections made to ensure the contact is elastic and soft. During the session you will notice a significant improvement in your horse’s straightness and balance as you improve. You will be amazed at how subtle changes to yourself and learning how to ride in balance and harmony with your horse will achieve better lightness and suppleness in your horse’s way of going, proving you don’t need to ride with strength/force or gadgets.


Concentrating more on your horse’s training but if necessary your alignment will still be corrected because if you are out of balance or misaligned it will make it very difficult for your horse to go in a correct balanced way. I like to work with all riders as well as types and breeds of horses from thoroughbreds, native ponies to warmbloods.  Nothing is ever forced and gadgets are not used, rather a little more time is spent educating the horse to accept a correct, light contact on the rein. The aim is to produce horses which are working in self carriage whilst being engaged and supple. The horses remain relaxed throughout their training and exercises are gradually developed depending on the needs and ability of each horse and rider.

“I have tried many trainers locally but none have put their finger straight on the fundamental flaw and helped me correct it as you did”. Wendy Stopher

Any questions and to book please contact me

email or phone 07788 718095

Places are limited so don’t delay!

To see feedback please visit my website:



Rachel is a British Dressage List 2 judge and has a uniquely sympathetic approach to training the horse and rider.

She is holding monthly clinics at Centaur Trust, Earlsway Farm, Bramfield from February to May 2015

Click here for further info


If you passed your driving test after 1997 you need to take a further driving test to enable you to tow a horse trailer and many other trailers including caravans. A local instructor is offering training at competitive rates.

CLICK HERE for further details.

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