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2024, Sunday 18th Feb – indoor dressage at Broads EC

2024, Sunday 17th March – indoor dressage at Broads EC

2023 :-

Sunday 16th April – indoor show jumping at Broads EC

Saturday 29th April – Dressage League One at Geldeston Rubber arena

Sunday 14th May - Pick n Mix at Geldeston (Dressage, SJ & XC)

Saturday 17th June – Dressage League Three at Geldeston Rubber arena

Sunday 2nd July – Area 14 SJ & Style Qualifier Competition at Geldeston Hall

Saturday 15th July – Dressage League Four at Geldeston Rubber arena

Sunday 23rd July – Eventer Challenge with SJ & poss Gymkhana TBC

Saturday 19th August – Dressage League Five at Geldeston Rubber arena

SSaturday 23rd Sept – Dressage League Six at Geldeston Rubber arena

Sunday 1st October – Show Jumping and Cross Country at Geldeston Hall

Sunday 3rd December – indoor Xmas SJ at Broads EC

CLICK HERE for a list of the current events the club is holding through 2023 – 2024 events to follow


Want to speak to a committee member about an issue or find out who is responsible for what within the club?

CLICK HERE for their details


We ask all our members to assist the club by giving at least 4 hours of their time each year to help at an event, or help set up equipment prior to an event, or dismantle after an event.


The Committee undertakes to have First Aid cover present at all events where jumping is taking place. In addition, several members hold first aid certificates. Typically we have a qualified Paramedic at all our show jumping and XC events.


The Club has a Child Protection policy. Both the Child Welfare Officers and some other members of the committee are subject to CRB checks.

Our Child Welfare Officers are Marie Owen, contactable on mobile 07866 613180, or email,  and Anne-Marie Bishop contactable on mobile 07789 222528, or email

All discussions are in confidence



The current rules about what Hat to wear, Body protector, Whips, Jodhpurs, Jackets etc, click here. CLICK HERE for the latest information.

Also see here Body Protector rules. CLICK HERE
and also, rules on Whips. CLICK HERE Any questions contact your team manager.

The Committee require members to always wear hard hats when mounted, and to be suitably & safely turned out for Club events. Recommended hat and body protector specifications are available here – click on tab above. Members are advised to carry out regular safety checks on their tack and protective riding gear.  For Members competing in BRC Qualifier events, your hat and body protector MUST conform to the current safety standards.

Hats – Remember, no Fixed Peak riding hats on the XC course.  And as from 1st Jan 2023, the PAS015: 1998 and the SNELL E2001 are no longer acceptable at competitions.

When using your protective equipment please use it in the correct fashion. For hats this means the chin strap must be securely fastened so that it fits snugly around your chin. If it’s loose, your hat cannot protect you as it is intended to, and you will be asked to tighten it or to dismount if your hat is not properly secured.

Navy and Black jodhpurs and breeches are now acceptable, along with White, Cream and Beige.

Jackets can now be of any conservative colours in muted tones, but not multi coloured of boldly pinstriped.

Whips for Show jumping and Cross country should btwn 45cm & 75cm, and not weighted, and the end should be padded.  This rule will be enforced at our competitions this year.  For Dressage, a whip of any length is ok.

For details on Spurs, please see appropriate section covering Dressage, Show jumping or Cross country

For XC Events, you are required to wear a Body Protector, and you can also wear a Medical arm band but this isn’t a necessity. You may wear an Air Jacket over the top of the Body Protector, but may not compete with just an Air Jacket. Non peaked riding hats (skulls) only. Long hair to be tied up securely, and jewellery to a minimum (simple band finger ring, stud earrings acceptable).

Body protectors must be beta level 3 and should state ‘level 3′ on the label, Purple or Blue date 2009 or later. Note that the rule on Body protectors is changing on 1st Jan 2024.

Show Jumping, it is advisable to wear a Body Protector or Air Jacket. Also advisable to wear your Medical arm band. Either peaked or non peaked (skull) hats are acceptable. Secure long hair and minimum jewellery.

Shoulders should always be covered, and preferably long sleeves worn for XC and show jumping. On very hot summer days, Judges at each event may allow riders to compete in short sleeves, and sometimes no jackets. You should approach the Event Secretary on the day to confirm if you are allowed to compete in short sleeves and/or no jacket.

For Dressage, a conservatively coloured jacket in muted tones, a tie or stock, and jodhpurs or breeches can be white, cream beige, navy or black, and for footwear your best boots. For the horse, a discreet numnah and plain bridle is in order. Plaiting is not obligatory, but it can set off the horse’s neck to advantage.

Where members are being trained by a visiting instructor it shows respect and professionalism to turn out rather better than you would for a hack, i.e. wear a hairnet and gloves, tidy jods and boots, and do not obscure your top half with bulky anoraks.


Plaiting your horse/pony is strongly advised, unless a native breed.
There are strict regulations regarding dress and tack for competing at Area and Championship events.
If in doubt, please speak with your team manager.


It is advisable to always carry with you your horses passport.

Drive safe everyone.


Parents, helpers and spectators who are invited by junior and senior members are welcome at all our events, and the Committee warmly invites them to join the Club’s band of volunteers. Please contact the Club Secretary on or 07866 613180 if you can assist us at any of our events.


Code of conduct: This club will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards horses, other competitors, or officials. Offenders will be warned and may be asked to leave an event. Repeat offenders will not be welcome at this Club.
Members must act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times and show all due care for their equine partners. Arguing with officials, strong language, dangerous riding and inappropriate or excessive use of spur or whip are deemed unacceptable.


A member may be issued with the following warnings if the Committee considers that there is a breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct with respect to other riders, spectators, officials and horses, or contravening the rules of competition:

(i) A verbal warning given by a Committee Member;

(ii) A written warning given by the Secretary;

(iii) Dismissal from membership of the Club


If you have a complaint at an event then please go to the Secretary’s tent and lodge your complaint there. If we are unable to resolve the matter there and then, or your complaint arises outside of an event, please submit your complaint in writing to a committee member. They will then take it forward to the next committee meeting where the matter can be discussed.

Remember the club and the events are all run by volunteers who do their utmost to ensure a safe and enjoyable day for everyone.


The Club has no objection to members riding another members horse. Owners of horses not kept by members but ridden by members at Club events and Area competitions, and using the Club’s training facilities, are invited to support the Club by becoming members.

GDPR – General Data Protection

Details provided by you to the club will be treated in confidence and will be forwarded to the BRC for inclusion onto their database. We will contact you occasionally with club news etc, if you do not wish to be contacted, please advise the club secretary in writing

Flu Vaccination update as of 21.10.2022. CLICK HERE to read.

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