Members information

Everyone can view this website.

And Everyone is welcome to all to our Events, Members and non Members.

Members will receive Reduced entry fees, Training opportunities, Points towards end of year Trophies, Access to Area 14 Team Qualifiers, Discounts at a few local equestrian outlets.

If you have a change of postal address, Email, phone number, please advise our Secretary on email or mobile 07866 613180, and then we can update BRC of your new details.

Where does your Membership money go?

Beccles & Bungay RC have kept their membership fees the same since 2019, with a previous increase for Seniors being in 2014.

As a BRC Affiliated club, we have to pay affiliation fees annually to the BRC, so a large percentage of your membership fee goes straight to the BRC.

Other expenditure includes rental of storage for our equipment, update of equipment, insurances.

The committee take no expenses from the club.  All our time and expenses are given freely.

We add to any income from membership subscriptions, from revenue made by running events, and this then pays, for example, hire of venues, payment to judges, purchase of rosettes.

Sadly, there have been occasions when our events have not made a profit.

This is rare, and we do everything we can to avoid this.  This is why we ask, and prefer, for competitors to pre enter for events, then we can forge ahead and organise a lovely event, not relying on and risking entries on the day.

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