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Senior & Junior Team Managers – Sue Stock can be contacted on and Anne-Marie Bishop can be contacted on

This page is designed to give you an idea about Club Team competitions and will carry the latest news and updates regarding team events.  Please also see the clubs Facebook page for Team information.

As the club is affiliated with the British Riding Club (BRC) this entitles members to compete in BRC competitions.

These competitions cover all disciplines and most have Novice, Intermediate and Open sections for both Junior and Senior teams.

The competitions are run in two stages. First is a QUALIFIER COMPETITION which is run at Area (ie local level). Our club lies within AREA 14. (Norfolk, Suffolk and North Essex)

The winning team of these competitions are then eligible to go and compete at the National Championships.

The National Championships are usually held at Hartpury (Glouchester) for Indoor show jumping and Winter dressage, Aston–Le-Walls for Festival of the Horse and National Horse Trials, and Lincoln Show ground for the BRC National Championships including Summer dressage and showing etc.

However at the Qualifier competitions teams may also enter as AREA ONLY.

This means the team does not have to commit to travelling to the Championships but still compete against other club teams in our area. Points are accumulated over the season towards the CHAIRMANS TROPHY.

There are opportunities at some Area competitions to enter as an individual so you can get a better idea of what is required of you before adding the pressure of being a team member.

We have two team managers who are responsible for organising the entries. They are very friendly and can offer advice and explain what is required of a team member.

Senior & Junior Team Managers – Sue Stock can be contacted on and Anne-Marie Bishop can be contacted on

Taking part in Team competitions is exciting. You do not need to be an Olympic standard rider but it is the next stage on from taking part in the club competitions. Dressage starts at Preliminary level, and you need to be happy at 80cm for both cross country and show jumping.

There is more information in the Yearbook which can be accessed from the BBRC News page of the web site.



The hat standards changed in 2016. CLICK HERE for the latest information. Any questions contact your team manager.
Also see here Body Protector rules. CLICK HERE

It is very important to realise that if you wish to take part in the BRC Qualifier competitions your hat and body protector MUST conform to the current safety standards. This is for your own safety. 

If you have any questions or would like your hat and body protector checked to ensure it conforms to the necessary standard please contact the team managers.

BRC 2020 Rule book – available here for free (Click on title) All your questions regarding Area team competitions are answered here.


2 teams from our juniors represented us at the FOTH Combined at Anvil 16th March, being placed 3rd & 4th.
Then another 2 teams competed at the FOTH Eventer Challenge, Poplar Park, 24th March, being placed 2nd & 3rd. Also a 90cm team finishing 2nd place. Lily Wilcox competed for BBRC in the Area only section.

On 31st March, at the Novice National Champs as Arena UK Grantham, Shamara Hammonds rode Prelim dressage as an individual and was placed 15th, then in the Novice test she finished 8th place.

The SJ Eventer Challenge 80cm junior team consisted Shannon Harrison, Alisha Smith, Bronwyn Bishop & Aimee Tyrell. They were equal 4th after the first round, but Bronwyn took a tumble and Aimee was unfortunately eliminated. It looked like Halesworth would be going to the Champs, but sadly are unable to attend, so our juniors might be invited instead.

Georgia Cattermole should be going to the FOTH as Senior member riding her horse Wooky.

On 24th March at Poplar Park, our Teams competed at the FOTH Challenge Qualifier. This is Show jumping, then straight onto the XC course.
The Seniors, two teams competed at 80cm, and Lee Wright rode as an individual being placed 9th. Team consisting Georgia Cattermole, Lynne Bell, Caroline Oakes and Celia Stone-Potter came 1st place. Shannon Harrison and Georgia Cattermole have moved from the junior teams up to the seniors this year. Both rode lovely double clears.
The Juniors 90cm team consisting Imogen Sheldrake, Rebecca Gallard, Sky Leeson and Summer Leeson finished in 2nd place and hopefully will be off to the Championships. Rebecca also took 3rd place individual, and Imogen 6th place. Two 80cm teams also competed for our Juniors, and all rode fantastically. Lily Wilcox, junior, represented us as an individual for Area only.

For the Seniors at Poplar Park event, 2 x 80cm teams competed and 1 x 90cm individual (Lee Wright). The teams consisted Celia Stone-Potter, Lynne Bell, Caroline Oakes, Georgia Cattermole and Kelly-Anne Gook, Neve McElroy, Shannon Harrinson & Georgia Cattermole on her 2nd horse. Lee rode a superb double clear resulting in her coming 9th Individually. Shannon and Georgia both did lovely double clears – it’s great to see these step up from junior teams to seniors and becoming such strong team members in such a short time. One of our 80cm teams took home red 1st rosettes with Celia & Lynne riding double clears. Caroline had a couple of unlucky poles, but her XC was superb.

Brilliant results for all our Team riders, Juniors & Seniors.

Our Teams competed recently at the FOTH Combined Training Area Qualifier, held at Anvil.
2 Junior and 2 Senior teams represented the club.
The weather was extremely windy. Despite the adverse weather, all our team members rode very well.
For the seniors, Andie Getvoldsen rode a lovely dressage test of 32, and clear in the show jumping, finishing 4th individually.
Lucy Frost on her new horse Rocket Menio achieved 31.25 from her dressage test, showing what a great partnership she’s building with her new ride.
For the juniors, we achieved 3rd & 4th team placings, and individually, Bronwyn Bishop took 2nd place, Louisa McDonnel 4th, Lucia Gillett 5th, and Rebecca Gallard 6th individual place.
Thanks to all team members, and helpers.

We had a Senior SJ team compete at the Intermediate SJ Area 14 Qualifier, Topthorn 24th February, consisting of Lee Wright, Sam Palmer and Neve McElroy. Neve produced 2 lovely clear rounds resulting in her competing in the individual jump off, and she came 2nd with only 1 second time in it. We are hoping that Neve will be invited to attend the Nationals. Richard Palmer, Senior Team manager, thanks all competitors for taking part on behalf of BBRC.

Georgia Cattermole riding Wodehouse Phoenix also competed from BBRC, representing an Area 14 team in the 1.10 mtr. Georgia rode a double clear, and won the class as an Individual.

Two teams from our Junior members represented BBRC at Topthorn in the 90cm class, including Imogen Sheldrake, Sky Leeson, Summer Leeson, Courtney Martin, Alice Able, Lily Wilcox, Rebecca Gallard and Imogen Sheldrake on her 2nd ride. The teams achieved a 2nd and 4th place. Imogen, on her horse Glenvilla Belle produced the only triple clear of the class and finished in the individual top spot and looking to go to the Champs.

Thanks to Finn Valley for running the Topthorn event.

The next Teams even is Combined Training at Anvil on 17th March. We have 2 Senior and 2 Junior teams attending.
And then off to the Eventer Qualifier, with our Juniors consisting of 2 x 80cm teams, 1 x 90cm team and another 80cm team competing at Area only level.

See our Facebook page for full reports and pictures.


SUNDAY 9th FEBRUARY 2020 - Intermediate Winter Show Jumping Qualifier@ Topthorn, Stowmarket

22nd FEBRUARY 2020 - Horse Trials (Area * and Area 14)

14th and 15th MARCH 2020 - Arean Eventing Championships@ Aston

28th and 29th MARCH 2020 - Novice Show Jumping Championships@ Arena UK

24th to 26th APRIL 2020 - Intermediate Show Jumping Championships@ Bury Farm

SUNDAY 17th MAY 2020 - Dressage & RT Qualifier@ Geldeston Hall, Beccles

30th to 31st MAY 2020 - FOTH Championships@ Aston

10th JULY 2020 - Show Jumping and Style Jumping Qualifier@ Geldeston Hall, Beccles

7th to 9th AUGUST 2020 - National HT Championships@ Swalcliffe

5th and 6th SEPTEMBER 2020 - NAF National Championships@ Lincoln

2nd to 4th OCTOBER 2020 - D.T.M. Championships@ Addington


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